Project update: Self sustaining generator

The project, self sustaining generator, has enough fundings, $44.00, and a written design to continue to the next stage, building a prototype! This will be the first A-Tech product to be on the market! This will change the course of history! Then we will sell it and get a patent, and a business license! Then sell more, and provide substantial funding for all other projects! WE ARE CREATING THE FUTURE!!!!!!


Business Plan

There will be one CEO, who creates ideas for projects, only those will be guaranteed a team, there will also be a group of people who think up project ideas to submit to a board to determine if it gets a team or is scrapped, if it gets a team, it will get 2 engineers, 1 designer, a project manager, whom created the idea and, if it requires, a programmer, there will be a group of suppliers who give the needed supplies to the engineers, based on the designers choice, the project manager will oversee the project, fire and hire from the project at will, and may ask for more funds, there will be a board of accountants, people who hire employees and productivity trackers who will hire and fire people based on progress, all employees are allowed fifty days vacation (I know it is a large vacation but it’s for employee happiness) and one paid leave, also there will be a group of advertisers who will take peeks at projects and their functions and designs who will then make an add on them, for finished projects that have succeeded, we will have a factory line designed and made to make the product to then sell, via online or through big box stores

Future projects

There are a few hardcore A-Tech projects in mind, like magnetic micro-bots that are controlled by a computer program that tells them to make different shapes for different tasks, or scans an object and finds out how much pressure to put on it from all sides to lift it up, an atomic re-constructor that uses electro-magnetic fields or a laser that pushes molecules apart

A-Tech current projects

There are two current A-Tech projects, The ion supercomputer, which is a laptop sized supercomputer, project manager is Aykman, then there is the self sustaining electro-magnetic generator, which I am project manager of.